4 Ways to go "Nude"... on the Eyes!

February 13, 2015

Continuing on the spirit of 'less is more' from my previous pictorial, plus I just got my hands on Urban Decay's Nude Basic Palatte (though it's been out for some time)... thought I would experiment and share different looks you can do with these basic colours.


Starting to love playing with nude colours more! ;)




1. Prime the eyes. (This is an important step all MUAs will recommend if you want your shadows to show, and to last the whole day)

2. With the lightest shade, 0, use it to highlight browbone, inner tearduct. (I was lazy and didn't highlight my browbone in all my pictorials, fyi. hee.)

3. With a light contour shade, 3, apply on the outer corner of eye and blend inwards, halfway through the eyelid space.

4. Add eyeliner, curl lashes and mascara-on.

1st Nude look completed!


This one is pretty simple. Technique is the same as Nude look 1, but you use a darker shade, 4 to blend from outer corner inwards.

This is good for those who prefer to give their eyes more dimension. This technique helps to 'lift' the eye, at the same time, giving the illusion of longer eyes.


One of my fav everyday eyemakeup looks now, because of the softer eyeliner look.

Basically thicken your eyeliner and lengthen it further, making your eyes rounder and longer.

Then use a brown eyeshadow powder to blend away the eyeliner so it doesn't have a distinct line.


Classic smokey eye look!

This is a lighter version of smokey eye look, as my base used was a cream colour one. A heavier smokey eye look will need a black cream shadow as base preferably.

For this look, basically use the darkest shade 5, to blend from eyeliner level upwards.

Then using brown, blend into the black.

End off with liquid liner flicking up into a sexy cateye look.

Good to top it up with falsies or triple-coating your mascara! ;)


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