Simple Everyday Makeup Look

February 9, 2015


As you may have heard before "Less is more". The same goes for makeup. There are clients who ask how to achieve natural makeup... the answer is simple. Apply the right products sparingly in the right areas!


And it is OK to show some freckles or pigmentation... or for that matter, your natural skin colour! ;) That is how your skin (even with makeup) will look like SKIN. I'm going to show you my daily routine for natural makeup, hope it helps! :)




8 EASY Steps to naturally glowing makeup:


1. Start with clean face, Use a moisturizing base over the entire face. I like Laura Mercier hydrating makeup base.

2. Apply any glow base on your t-zone, cheekbones and chin. I use Innisfree glow base here. Lancome has a good glow base too.

3. Apply foundation over your face, Thin out where you applied the glow base (u want to retain the radiance from the base). I like to mix with darker foundation for sheer contouring of cheekbones and jawline.

4. Conceal any dark eye rings & pimples. (eye rings are not pretty, not even in natural makeup).

5. Apply loose powder sparingly under eyes, forehead, nose bridge and chin.

6. Pump a little of Missha's sheer fluid blush, pat on both apples of cheeks and blend out quickly with fleshy part of fingers. Apply whatever remaining blush to centre of your lips for a sheer lip colour.

7. With any shimmery white or cream eyeshadow, dab a little on centre of eyelids to brighten the eyes up. Optional to put it in inner corner (tear duct) of eye.

8. Apply thin eyeliner, fill in your brows.

(I skipped the curler and mascara for a really nude look)

*if you prefer reaaaallly dewy look, feel free to tap a little glow base in your final step on cheekbones, forehead and chin again. Not recommended for girls with oily skin though*











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