5 Ways to Style Your Bangs!

January 22, 2015

Harlow again, last week I shared 6 ways to style a ponytail and have received questions on what to do for short or thin hair. So, I've decided to make this series of pictorials. While my dollyhead (introducing...'Emma'! ) doesn't have very short hair, her length is still above shoulders and she has side-swept bangs.


So for girls with straight cut bangs, you will need to modify the styles below. I'm sure at least 1 below is suitable for short to medium length hair.


Have fun, and let me know what else is good to share! :)


Style 1 is a sweet, pin-up girl inspired look. Tools wise, you need clips for sectioning hair, flat iron, comb for smoothing hair, pretty pearly or blingz pin and hairspray.


1. Section away left and right side of hair above ears; and top half of remaining hair.

2. Comb away all tangles and flat-iron the hair from roots to end, turning inwards at hair ends. (so hair curls in to frame face nicely)

3. Release top half of hair and flat-iron the same way.

4. Release the side of hair with thicker amount, section it into half and flat-iron while lifting it upwards and out to give more volume to hair roots. Do the same for the other side.

5. Neaten the bangs and pin it to the side with a pretty pin. DONE! ;)


Style 2 is a vintage-inspired bangs, frequently spotted on Taylor Swift. ;)

1. Refer to how I flip the bangs outwards with the fingers? That is how we want to flat-iron the bangs this time round. Aim to pull down towards eyebrow, and flip up towards the ears.

2. Do the same to 2-3 bunch of hair on the right side behind the bangs. Run through with your fingers to soften the waves. DONE!



Style 3 is a modified version with the other side is styled with the flip back curls as well. So both sides look more 'volumised'.


Style 4 can't get any simplier. Just.change.your.parting. Seriously, you will be surprised how different you can look! Experiment with deep side parting, maybe with a mini 3strand braid in middle or glam it up with accessory, off-centre parting.. or if you have a pretty smile, do centre parting and add some soft curls!


Style 5 is a more edgy look with lotsa volume on crown. Ok, I know backcombing sounds scary, but it doesn't have to kill your hair...you just need to tease the roots a bit to let your hair 'stand'. Otherwise, try adding volumizing powder instead.

1. After the teasing of the hair on the crown, smooth the hair back with a comb or a hair brush.

2. Hairspray it to firm the high volume or pin it, depending on hair density.

3. Curl the rest of the hair from mid length to ends towards the face so it softens the whole look. Yup, DONE! :)




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