6 Ways to Style your Ponytail!

January 15, 2015

Alrighty folks, get ready for a long (but useful) post this time! Some of my girlfriends with long hair complained to me they don't know what to do with their hair so they either tie into a boring ponytail or leave it as it is.


So I've decided to make this detailed post showing 6 different ways you can jazz up a simple ponytail! All you need is 2-3 bobby pins, brush and 1-2 hairties! The styles below can be used for high, medium level and low ponytails.


Read on, try it out and have fun experimenting! ;)

Style 1 pictorial uses a normal 3-strand french braid, and braided towards the back of the head, away from the forehead.


Style 2 pictorial uses a 3-strand lace braid, braided towards the forehead. Idea is to aim to cover the end of right eyebrow. This has a nice slimming effect to the face too! ;)


Style 3 pictorial uses a 2-strand twist braid. Similar to style 1, it's braided away from forehead. Bobby pin it to the ponytail. Smoothen the remaining hair and pin it back as well.


Style 4 pictorial is a modified sleek back runway look. Since it's pretty simple, I won't explain much. LOL.


Style 5 pictorial is a simple tuck-in ponytail, can be done in 3 secs! Optional to add in another tuck-in if you have very long hair. Just add 1 more hair tie and tuck through! ;)










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