Celebrate in Style!

May 1, 2014

1. Drawing a straight line from top of head to both ears, clip away both side hair sections.

2. Pick up a triangular section of hair from top of remaining hair and seperate into 2.

3. Pull out a small section from the right and cross it over the left; repeat for the other side.

4. Add some more hair to right bunch, pull out a small section from this new bunch and cross over to the left side. Repeat for the other side. [This is our fishtail braid folks!! ;) ]

5. Repeat the steps until you have no more hair left to cross over. Tie with hairtie.

6. Loosen up the braid so it looks big and fat. Coil it upwards to form a bun and pin it down.

7. For the left side hair section previously clipped away, you can choose to do regular 3 strand braid; or a twisted rope braid. This adds more design to your hair, and is optional. Or you can just choose to pin it loosely to side of the fishtail bun.

8. For the right side hair section, curl it away from your face in 2 smaller sections. Before it cools down, roll it to your desired height and using flat hair clips to clip it in place while you hairspray it. 

9. After spray hardens, remove the clips and use flat bobby pins to further secure the hair rolls.




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